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Tournament Software focuses on sport and develops software for organizing tournaments and leagues, calculate results, rankings and head-to-head statistics. Tournament Software brings players together, promote mutual competition and gives federations an insight into player performance through interesting statistics. The customers are located all over the world, from sports clubs to international sports federations.

The Tournament Software logo can be used as two variants. A blue colored logo, which is the primary logo and a white logo. The white logo is preferably on a blue background.


  • The blue logo is the primary logo, preferably use it on a white background. Want to add the logo on a background color? Then use the white logo.
  • The logo should be aligned left to become balanced. Centering? Usuing only the logo image is perhaps more appropriate.
  • Get plenty of white space around the logo. Make sure that the logo stands alone and that no other elements are within it.
  • The logo may be displayed on all formats. Just make sure the logo at all times remains clearly visible and legible!


  • Do not change the logo, like placing the text above the logo image, changing white space of adding elements
  • Do not add a block behind the logo. Provide a large colored surface.


  • HEX(#0f9fea)
  • RGB(15,159,234)
  • CMYK(99,11,0,0)
Primary color
  • HEX(#ff9c00)
  • RGB(255,156,0)
  • CMYK(0,54,99,0)
Secondary color