On the Draws tab you can view the draw sheets for each event. In the screenshot below the event Badminton Cup has no draws.

  1. You can add a draw by going in the menu to Draw -> Add or click with the right mouse button in the Draw tab area.  

  2. From the dropdown menu select the appropriate type for this event: 

  3. You can now provide the settings for the qualification round. You can enter the number and the size of the qualification draws. You can enter the name of the draws in the Naming field.

  4. When your draw arrangement is Round Robin qualifications with elimination main draw, then you will also have the option to forward the runner up to the main draw. 

    You can tick Best nr 2 and Best nr 3 however these will not be forwarded automatically.

  5. The size of the main draw is calculated automatically. Click on Next.

  6. Select the extra columns to be displayed on each draw: 

  7. Verify all your settings before you click on Finish.

  8. The result will become visible now: